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For Sale
2000 Celica Race Car

  Built for Lucky Dog Racing Canada

Should be legit for Champcar, LeMons, etc. 


1.75” DOM CSC Racing Roll Cage - Professionally Installed

(8x) 15x8 Wheels

3 qt Morosso Accumulator

Kirkey Aluminum Containment Seat (16”) Very Comfortable

Prius Electric Power Steering

KYB Shocks/Struts w/Tein Lowering Springs on Rear

Samsung Tablet running Torque Pro for Gauges and Diagnostics

Aluminum Rad Ducting/Heat Extraction

Lifeline 5lb AFFF Fire System

2L Surge Tank w/OEM Pump Cartridge

2.5” Stainless Steel Exhaust

Wilwood Rear Brake Bias Adjuster

Amazon Camber Plates

Autometer Monster Tach w/Shift Light


This car handles very well and has been fun to drive by Newbies and Pros alike.  We have been running the 2zz engine without lift and a 7000 rpm fuel cut to keep the car idiot proof, as well as running the 5-speed to avoid the C60 money shift.  With this set-up we have run 2:34’s at Calabogie, 2:06’s at Shannonville and 1:43’s at Mosport.  With a 6-speed and Lift, the car is capable of much more.  

In the last 3 seasons we have had 3 GT3 wins and a GT2 second at Shannonville, 2 GT3 wins and a 3rd at Calabogie, and a GT3 win at Mosport.  We also won the GT3 season championship in 2022.  


We have run with drivers from 5’9” to 6'4” comfortably. The car has been well prepared and generally reliable for the abuse it takes in endurance racing.  The car in its current form will comfortably run a 2-hour stint on fuel at CMP, SMP, and CTMP.  We generally install new Hankook RS4’s each day on the front, and a used set on the rear for the whole weekend at SMP and CMP.  Mosport can be run on one set of tires rotated Saturday night.  We run Hawk HT-10 brake pads on the front which will last 2-3 weekends.  Rock Auto pads on the rear last all season.  Overall the car uses little by way of wear items, and anything that popped up from almost 20 years of public road use has been remedied.            


I will have digital copies of the Celica factory repair manual which will be provided with whatever other documentation related to the car I have.  Fire system and window net good are for next season, 6-point harness expires this year.  Replacement harness can be provided if the package is sold at full asking price.  The car comes with a very extensive spares package, and has had most suspension components replaced in the last two seasons.    

We’ve been running this car for 4 seasons now, and after winning GT3 last year, we’re looking for the next challenge.  I hope to be at the track with a new project next season, and will try to make myself available for any questions or assistance needed to get the new owners of this car up and running. 


Price is $10,000 as raced (excluding radio and camera) with complete spares package (listed below).  Any negotiations will be done by removing items from the car.  Delivery can be included in Southern Ontario.       

The car can be sold winteri


Please email for inquiries.

Thanks for checking it out. 



All parts are used unless stated otherwise


  • 2zz cylinder head complete

  • 2zz Coils

  • Alternator

  • Starter

  • C56 5-speed transmission w/open diff

  • C56 5-speed transmission w/welded diff

  • C60 6-speed transmission (untested)

  • Clutch and Flywheel

  • Front Pads x2 (Hawk HT-10)

  • Rear Pads Assorted

  • Front lower control arms (new)

  • Left fender x2

  • Right fender x2

  • Right door

  • Left door

  • Hood (modified)

  • Front bumper skin

  • Rear bumper skin

  • Front Bumper Rebar

  • 5x100 - 5x114.3 Adapters

  • Wheel Bearing Clips

  • Right CV shaft x2

  • Left CV shaft x3

  • Engine wiring harness

  • Body wiring harness

  • MAF Sensor x2

  • Steering rack, depowered

  • Steering rack, stock

  • Radiator w/fan

  • Radiator hoses

  • Thermostat x2

  • Engine fuse block x2

  • Body fuse block w/body ecu x2

  • Brake booster w/master x2

  • Brake Flex Hoses

  • Clutch master cylinder x2

  • Clutch slave cylinder x2

  • O2 sensors

  • Shifter assembly x2

  • Shifter cables x2

  • Coolant reservoir

  • Throttle cable

  • Fuel pump (new)

  • Blower Fan

  • Front strut (new)

  • Rear bearing hubs

  • Front steering knuckles x3

  • Front calipers

  • Rear calipers

  • Pedal set (gas, brake, clutch) OEM

  • Front sway bar

  • Sway bar link

  • Steering column x2

  • Wiper assembly x2

  • Wiper Stalk

  • Gauge cluster x2 (GT)

  • Fuel Gauge Sender

  • Subframe bolts

  • Engine Mounts

  • 1zz ECU x2

  • Misc 2zz Engine Parts

  • I’m sure more, anything Toyota related in my garage will go

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