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A Note From The Race Director

A look at the spirit of the series, by CEO & Race Director of LDRC, Chuck Carvalho

A Note From The Race Director

A note from the Race-Director

In my opinion, the purpose of amateur endurance racing, is to bring bucket list items within everyone’s grasp. We also put a big focus on keeping the level of comradery high and the amount of “overly competitive” folks to a minimum. Trust me when I say, there are no F1 scouts in the stands. There are no big prizes. We expect all drivers to stay cool, calm and collected while being behind the wheel. Put simply, there are no reasons for taking big risks. Go out there, have fun, fine tune your racing skills and bring the car home safe. Once the checkered flag drops you can bond with the other teams (maybe over a drink or two) about how great of a time you all had out there. You may find yourself chatting with another driver that was on track at the same time as you, giving you the chance to exchange some stories.

If I could sum up the driver etiquette portion of the rule book into one sentence, I might say “Drive as quickly as you can, but be a gentleman (or lady) when making a pass, or being passed”. But it would be impossible to sum things up in a single sentence, so let me finish on a somewhat stern note by saying to make sure that you read through the entire rule book before actually showing up at the track for the first time or you will probably be the person that compromises the first weekend for your team.

CEO & Race Director of LDRC

Chuck Carvalho

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