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May 14-15/2022, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Our second outing of the 2022 season was back at CTMP. With the weather much more favorable than our previous outing, and a few early season bugs worked out, we were comfortably leading Saturdays race in GT3. Our third stint proved to be more exciting than we had hoped however, with a shunt in the back going into turn 10, destroying one of our new wheels. Shortly thereafter, a spun rod bearing ended our day. So close. Another weekend at Mosport, another seized engine. Back at the trailer, the team got to work installing our spare engine, an untested junkyard find with 250,000+ km. A few hours later we were prepped for Sunday and settled in for dinner at the track with our new fan club.

Sunday morning, filled with anxiety and wondering what we'd forgot to bolt on or plug in the previous night, we hit the track for the second 8hr race of the weekend. At the end of our third stint, we were in a very close battle with DOT Motorsports, having literally a couple hundred feet between us as we pitted for our last stint. Leaving the pit lane bumper to bumper, we were excited for a 2 hour battle to the finish. Unfortunately, DOT returned to the pits on their first lap out with a day ending wheel bearing failure.

Twenty laps ahead of our next closest competitor, we gave our last driver the unfortunate news that he was now in drivetrain preservation mode. After what I'm sure was a boring hour and forty minutes, we cut him loose with 20 minutes to go, and he proceeded to run our fastest lap of the day, and bring the car home 1st in GT3 and 6th overall.

Not the start to the weekend we were looking for, but after a lot of grinding and hard work from the team, we took home another victory. Thanks to everyone that came out to support us.

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