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October 1-2/2022, Calabogie Motorsports Park

For our final event of the year, we headed into CPM with a small lead in the GT3 season points championship. With another new to sedan racing driver joining us, and fresh out of spare power plants, we approached Saturday with car preservation as our primary goal. Spending most of the day 3rd in class, the drivers turned steady clean laps, and eventually the race came to us. With some late day shuffles on pit strategy, we finished the day 1st in class. With second in points finishing a little deeper in the field, Saturdays points were enough to seal the deal, and we wrapped up our first class championship with a day to spare.

Saturday evening car prep revealed a couple of unsettling issues. Our right rear brake pads had very nearly been eaten down to backing plates, strange considering the lack of work the rear end generally does on this car. More concerning though was the surprise waiting for us at the left front corner. Upon removing the wheel, two of the OEM wheel studs holding on our adapter plates were visibly broken. Not something you want to see after having your car tossed around a track at high speed for 8 hours. Repairs were completed though and we were set for Sunday.

Having accomplished our mission on Saturday, day two was set to be a just for fun day to close the season. The drivers were let loose and hammered out increasingly fast laps as the day went on. With about 2 hours to go, we found out how fast was too fast, with one of our drivers having a scary moment in 1, and making a commendable save. All of our body work was spared, but the tires were not. We came in for an emergency stop and swapped out 4 tires and dumped in the last of our fuel for the day. After a couple extra stops and no real objectives, we still managed a 3rd on the day.

Another great effort by the whole team, and a satisfying end to the year.

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