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September 5-6/2020, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The team got together again for some racing, this time at CTMP (Mosport). The car count was more than double the turnout at Shannonville, which made for some more wheel to wheel action, but also a lot of time watching the mirrors. We managed 197 laps around the GP circuit on Saturday over 7 hours and managed to bring the car back in one piece, aside from a very badly worn left front wheel bearing. With repairs complete, we headed back on track Sunday morning for the 8hr enduro. Approaching 11am with about 60 laps in, fourth gear shed its teeth at the end of the back straight. After a driver change and a few more laps, the resulting confetti made its way into the ring gear and left us stranded in turn one. After the long tow back to the pits, the call was made to shut it down for the weekend and relax with a beverage or two.

While we were packing up, Lucky Dog staff was kind enough to drop by with some forged aluminum lug nuts donated by Neo Motorsports in recognition of our organization and clean pit stops. I appreciate the effort everyone put in, and despite our race ending implosion, it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to getting back into it in 2021.

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