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June 11-13/2021, Calabogie Motorsports Park

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

For our third outing, the team got together a Calabogie Motorsports Park. After a few tweaks over the winter, we were fortunate to get some testing in on Friday to work

out the bugs. Outside of a loose fuel pump relay, everything ran smoothly. As two of us had never seen the track before, we split the qualifying session on Saturday morning to figure out which way the track goes. Saturday's 7 hour race started with a field of 32 cars, our largest yet, but the lack of pre-season testing quickly took it's toll. By early afternoon, 3 cars had caught fire, and several other had suffered mechanical failures. After nursing our way through some overheating issues and rapidly deteriorating tires, we managed 15th overall and 145 laps. Not bad considering half the team was learning the track from scratch.

Sunday's 8 hour race began with a slightly smaller field, as the battle of attrition had already claimed some cars for the weekend. The highlight of the day was one of, if not the fastest car on track dumping it's oil pan from turn 20, down the front straight, and into turn 3 on the racing line, shutting down the track for an extensive clean up. Upon entering the pits during the red flag condition we discovered we had a bird strike the radiator, some of which was not in a state to be easily removed. After a late tire change and experimental fuel strategy, we dropped from our weekend high of 10th to finish the day in 12th with 150 laps.

The whole team put in a great effort all around and the weekend couldn't have gone much smoother for us. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and support over the weekend.

Pictures pilfered from LDRC's Facebook page, compliments of Paul Cook[0]=68.ARDmMXXQv9-dLmGnP5qspassnWH3wbHqFZDKHIX03pcj0Uf6DGb2CE3G4zjQ8fV8ed-7spvCobO0SO_R2q7m-oeppwCbjHwCa3OiA9Ox4iY_oiAoHqZAW74Nisu_eYZzPw0kdSVwTc-8LrnxQ5JnIMcJqgcb2qrrCaQ1o2b2XccjwJv6H82CZ7CFJIee_8TeR5eix-cI7dqWRmjc33jy5PSmrCAy5OOc3WXvGha2fz0hg3vuBex1X-8R8dJbqmMS7r49c_bkhoeHmxO8538FiQF9FQZjxpQp6-W-NPrq2wv8n-D6YfzTZw

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