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July 30-31/2022, Shannonville Motorsport Park

There isn't much to talk about when things go well, and this was a weekend where things went very well. With one of our regular drivers previously engaged, we were fortunate enough to be joined buy an experienced left-turn-only racer that was ready to try his hand at wheel to wheel road racing. Less than half a stint in, he was turning competitive laps, and we were in the business of looking for a podium. The nimble Celica was very comfortable at the flat and twisty SMP Long Track, and capable of making its way around some cars with significantly more power. The car and drivers didn't skip a beat, and day one ended with a 1st in GT3,

Saturday night maintenance revealed a leaky O-ring in our oil accumulator plumbing, a dead blower motor switch, and a cv boot that had evacuated its grease onto our undertray. Fortunately, nothing that was going to end our day. With many helping hands, repairs and maintenance were completed quickly and we were off for dinner and bed in reasonable time.

We reversed driver order for Sunday and I made my first attempt at running the opening stint. I enjoyed a few good battles as the field shuffled itself into the days running order, as well as coming up on a few cars in places you would not expect them to be. Sunday afternoon, attrition began to set in, and a few of our competitors started to trickle into the paddock on the hook. With a late day glitch in race monitor, we weren't 100% sure where we were in terms of laps, but we didn't seem to be gaining or losing any track position to our closest rivals. At 5pm after the checkered flag dropped, we were directed back to winners circle for our second GT3 victory of the weekend.

Many thanks to everyone that came out to get our car around the track in one piece, and to Geoff at Last Place Motorsports for coming out to lend a hand for the weekend.

We've also been fortunate to have the support of many people that couldn't make it out for the weekend, and our success is equally attributed to their efforts behind the scene. Thanks for your continued support.

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