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The Celica - FAQ

Some answers to some frequently asked questions.

How fast does it go?

Theoretical top speed with 225/50/16 tires at the rev limiter in 5th gear would be around 235kph, You'd probably have to be going downhill in a vacuum to see that. At Mosport we just made it in to 5th gear at the end of the back straight. So assuming we stayed in 4th and used the full rev range we would be around 180kph going into corner 8.

What engine does it have in it?

It's the OEM 1ZZ-FE found in the Celica GT. It's also found in your mom's Corolla. It's a 1.8L 16v producing a whopping 140hp and 125lb/ft of torque. Hold onto your hats.

Ok, So what have you done to the engine?

Nothing. It's been freshened but aside from that it's bone stock. The plan is to survive 16hrs of driving over the course of the weekend, so we're favoring reliability over outright speed. We're also tryin to get 2hrs on a tank of gas, currently we do not. Externally, the power steering system has been removed as well as the A/C components. There is a "cold air intake" but that is not for performance, it's to make repairs in the engine bay more accessible.

What tires are you running?

The series mandates a minimum 180 treadwear DOT approved tire. We have been using Falken Azenis RT615k+. Now you're asking "Why aren't you using RS4's? Everyone uses RS4's". Well we are currently on a 16" wheel and Falken has better size options for them. If I could find a 15x8 wheel for a reasonable price, we'd be exploring other options.

Where do you race?

We've been to Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsport Park), and Shannonville Motorsport Park. We'll likely head up to Calabogie at some point this year. We also spend some time on the Cayuga (Toronto Motorsport Park) road course for some cheap lapping sessions.

How much does it cost to race?

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